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The rise of crime is worrying a lot of people. It can be seen from the high demand of CCTV camera. While CCTV cameras can be costly, Android has launched a network camera viewing app named CamHi. Compared to other similar software, CamHi offers more special features and benefits. This app functions similarly as real CCTV cameras but there are numerous features to protect your living space. Through your smartphone or computer, you can always know what is happening around. The advantage of this app is that it can be used anytime and anywhere making sure your home and office is safe. It will be clearer and easier to keep an eye on your surrounding through PC than Android devices. It is because PC has larger screen. CamHi for PC on Windows 10 is pretty simple and easy to install. Here is how to use and install it.

How to Use CamHi for PC on Windows 10

In order to use this application you must prepare a camera that is equipped with Wi-Fi network. Without internet connection, this application cannot work. It is important to make sure that the camera is compatible with your device, in this case, with your PC. You can add cameras as many as you want by clicking Add Camera button. This option is located in the main menu. To select the camera, you can either write the camera IP address or find selected camera on network. Although it seems a bit complicated, you will find it easier when you use the app.

Some Great Features of CamHi

CamHi allow the users to directly watch the real-time video. It is also possible to capture photo based on the real-time video. If you want to watch the video later, you can save it in SD memory card and watch it in any device. In order to make this software work optimally, there is time zone setting where you can set the time to suit your local area. It can also be synched the time setting of your device. This will make sure that your app is always working on the accurate time.

Another special feature brought by CamHi is it supports of PTZ control. Usually this feature is found in high-end camera. Professional photographers usually need it for use in sporting events or TV studios. This feature lets the users to control the video remotely. For example they can zoom or rotate to suit the viewing convenience. The PTZ control can do that because it is equipped with automatic system. For some cameras, it is available as a set but some cameras are separately sold with the PTZ controls. This probably because it is considered as advanced feature that not everyone needs it. Moreover, cameras equipped with PTZ are more expensive that the regular ones.

Downloading and Installing CamHi for PC on Windows 10

Actually you can install this app via Play Store but it requires signing in to your Google account. The easier way is to use APK. The steps is not complicated at all. Nox App Player as the Android emulator should be downloaded and installed in order to install the APK. After Nox App player is completely installed in your CV, download CamHi APK and locate it in your compute hard drive. It is not important where you save it because later the emulator can automatically detect it. Then, run the APK. Nox App Player will automatically install CamHi. If you want to launch the app click on the icon on your desktop. After you complete the installation process, you can start using the app to keep your home secure.


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