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download alexa app for windows 10

Alexa app for windows 10 is available in Microsoft app store since 11/8/2018. Just open the microsoft app store on your windows 10 pc, and type “alexa”, and then download and install the app.download alexa app for windows 10


New Amazon Alexa is coming to Windows 10 PCs download alexa app for windows 10 laptop

Amazon’s digital assistant from Alexa is seemingly everywhere these days. And now, it’s coming to Windows 10 pcs to challenge Microsoft’s built-in Cortana assistant. HP, Lenovo, Asus, and acer plan to integrate Alexa into a range of laptops and desktops with Windows 10 launched this year (2018). The integration requires a special Alexa application for Windows that will be available in the spring. Most PC makers seem to be integrating Alexa into devices that are capable of far-field voice recognition to ensure there is a good experience for the user assistant. HP takes Alexa to its PC pavilion WAV an elegant desktop PC that looks more like a speaker than a computer. Lenovo also brings Alexa the laptops both companies promised to integrate Alexa and Cortana by the end of 2017 Amazon and its PC manufacturing partners are presenting this new partnership at CES this week. In appropriate place for such announcement. Google is in the big show this year with lots of Google hey posters around the Las Vegas Convention Center 2018

download alexa app for windows 10 laptop

how to setup alexa app without echo dot please go here

Setup alexa app with echo dot device with windows 10 :

  1. open the alexa app and login to amazon account download alexa app for windows 10 pc
  2. customize alexa download alexa app for windows 10 pc tabletsetup new device
  3. choose a device to setup
  4. choose the language
  5. connect to wifi (please press plus button on your echo dot for add new connection for a minute) download alexa app for windows 10 pc echodotBegin using echo dot setup connect to Wi-Fi, and it says make sure your echo dot is plugged in to the power outlet, wait a minute and it will say that it is ready and it will light ring will turn orange which mine has done. So I’m going to continue and that is the orange light. That is going in circles download alexa app for windows 10 pc echo dot
  6. Go to your wifi connection and find WIFI with name AMAZON-XXX, and then pair it.
  7. Your alexa app and alexa dot is ready to use in windows 10 pc / laptop / tablet

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