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Download Audacity for Windows 10 with Online Security

Download Audacity for Windows 10  : To be able to edit audio files, such as cutting parts, entering other files, or combining audio, we can use Audacity software. Not only that, this software will help us to edit certain audio sounds by adding certain effects.

With Software Audacity, we can edit audio files very quickly. We can even record live audio that can be used for Mac OSX, GNU / Linux, OS, and Windows. Well, this article will explain how to download Audacity for windows 10 safely.

Online Security When Downloading Audacity for windows 10

Some actions should be taken as an effort to prevent things we do not want when you download Audacity. Although it’s true, this is not only true when you download Audacity for windows 10, but also applies when you are downloading others. Fortunately, the Audacity team is very serious and works hard to ensure the security of users. At least, you don’t need to worry when downloading audacity for windows 10.

Quick Security Checklists

  1. If your computer’s operating system is up to date, it is safe. If not, immediately up to date the system first or you want your computer will be risk.
  2. Do not forget to activate an up-to-date anti-virus program. It is important to anticipate the viruses. So the latest anti-virus programs are also important to keep up to date. Moreover, windows can be screwed up by the untrusted source software.
  3. Download from the official software website
  4. Follow the download and installation instructions
  5. Move files downloaded virus
  6. Finally, computer conditions are generally safe.

How to Download Audacity for windows 10download audacity for windows 10 safely

  1. First you can directly download from this page.
  2. When you are in the link, the second thing will appear the picture. Select the Audacity 2.2.0 installer (19.34 MB includes help files) SHA256.
  3. When you have selected and downloaded, then you can install it into your laptop or computer. Do not forget to first open the file that has been downloaded and choose Run, do not select cancel.
  4. Next you can choose the language for Audacity application, choose Indonesian language, or any other language you want, then ok.
  5. When the welcome note appears on Audacity Installation, you can select the advanced button.
  6. Will display more information related to Audacity, also select the advanced button.
  7. An installation location will appear or where Audacity will be installed. After that, you still have to click continue again.
  8. There are still additional commands, you can click continue again
  9. When everything is done, you can click on pairs and wait until the installation is complete.
  10. And lastly, when the installation is complete, information will appear once more for Audacity and you can click on it and click finish to complete the audacity installation. And, the audacity app is ready for you to run.
  11. Once everything is done until installation, you can use it directly. First, if you want to insert your audio select the file tool in the top corner of the screen. Then if you already have audio, you can choose open and choose audio. Furthermore, when the audio is in, you can freely edit as you please.


You can test Before Download link because Total Virus is trusted software for every windows user. And also do not forget, after you download it, you also need to test it again because the anti-virus software you just install gives one opinion about the downloaded file. A quick and easy way to check downloaded files from over 50 anti-virus engines is upload them to Total Virus (https://www.virustotal.com/).

So the brief information from us regarding what is Audacity, how to download audacity for windows 10, also how to install it. Happy trying and hopefully useful.

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