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Download Chromecast App for Windows 10

Chromecast app for windows 10. Chromecast is a streaming media device connected to an HDMI port on your TV. With your mobile device and TV device, you can show your favorite TV shows like music, sports, movies, games and other shows. Chromecast and PC windows 7/8/10, iPad, iPhone, phone, Mac, Android Tablet and Chromebook work each other. In this article, we’ll give you an idea how to download The Chromecast app for windows 10.google chromecast extension,chromecast for windows download,chromecast windows 10 desktop,google chromecast extension windows 10,google chromecast extension download,google cast extension windows 10,chromecast audio windows 10,google home app for pc

How to Download the Chromecast App for Windows 10

The easiest way to download chromecast for windows 10 is from a windows store. With that, you can quickly get Cloud for chromecast, a tube for chromecast with chromecast Application download for Windows 10 and of course free. But if you want a better app, you can also download Tube for Chromecast Pro.
First you can download it on Chromecastinstaller.exe, and then you’ll see information related to Chromecast, choose to receive installation and follow the instructions.

Required for Chromecast Setup on Windows 10 PC

As mentioned above, chromecast is a device that is easy to install and use on any device such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, phone or tablet android. However, to be able to set up Chromecast in windows, you need a few things like:

  1. Google Chromecast Device
  2. Windows 10 Computer
  3. And there must also be a Google Chrome Browser installed on your computer

Once everything is ready, there are a few steps you should follow. First, of course how to connect Chromecast devices to your Home television and set Chromecast on Windows 10 computers.

Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer

A few steps to set up a Google Chromecast to a Windows 10 Computer.

  1. You can plug HDMI Chromecast HDMI device into your home’s HDMI port then just connect the USB end to the USB power adapter
  2. With the TV remote control, you can change your TV source input to the appropriate HDMI port where the chromecast device is connected. Next, you will be prompted to press the “input” button then you can press the “input” or “source until the TV switch from HDMI1 to” HDMI2 “. When you’ve done that, the thing means you’re done with setting up the Chromecast device. Only then in the next stage you have to prepare Chromecast on computer windows 10.
  3. To set up Chromecast on computer windows 10, you can visit google.com/chrome and download and install google chrome browser on computer. Of course, this step is done if you have not used chrome browser.
  4. Next, open google chrome on your computer and visit chromecast.com/setup
  5. When the chrome settings screen appears, click set up chromecast.
  6. The next screen will appear Chromecast’s privacy requirements and click the accept button
  7. The web page will then search for Chromecast devices that have been connected to a WiFi network. Just click “set me up” button.
  8. In the corner of the computer to the right there is a wifi icon, you can click.
  9. After connecting with wifi open chromecast network, then you can click “next” button. And finally press the button “yes”.
  10. On the next screen, you will be asked to name your Chromecast. After that, just enter the password, and click “connect”.
  11. Finally, Chromecast will be dropped. If it says “Ready to cast” on your screen, it means you have to be ready to play what you want to play on your Windows 10 computer screen to your television.

Furthermore, if you want to play video from computer to TV, you can open Chrome browser on your windows 10 computer, find video on YouTube or other site, when video starts click on icon cast located at the right corner of your computer. And finished. So, any question about how to download the chromecast app for windows 10? The next step is, just try it.

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