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Download Uber App For Windows 10

Now, you can download Uber app for windows 10 easily and you can use it on your desktop. Uber is one of a great online app of public transportation especially a motor bike. This is the solution for you who want to go to somewhere quickly and with a cheap cost. Uber is one of app that is commonly used by the users of Android. But now, Uber can also be installed for windows. For the user of windows, you can also enjoy the ease in getting your online transportation without needing to wait for a long time. This Uber app is really giving you the good service. So, this service is worth to try because you may not find any other solution to get rid of the traffic jam. By using motorbike or motorcycle you will get to your destination quickly than by using car.Download Uber App For Windows 10

How To Use Uber App For Windows 10

You can download Uber app for free and this is not a premium app. You can easily use this Uber app without needing to use another app. If you already finish downloading Uber app, you can use it directly. You need to register first because this is the regulation and you should use your name and your phone number. Don’t forget to fill with your real name because it will help the driver to recognize you. After you finished registering your data, you need to turn on your GPS or location. This is the important thing because the driver needs to know the exact position and where you want to be picked up. After finishing to download Uber app for windows 10, you can try making an order.

First, you can set up your order whether you want to order a motorcycle or taxi for the Uber. If you want to order a motorbike, you can choose “request uber motor” and you can start making an order. After you decided, you can set up your location and where the driver should pick you up. Sometimes you have to set it manually because there are some unmatched location and sometimes the pin moves by itself. So you have make it sure, the location of where you want to be picked up. You can choose “select the pickup location”. You also need to decide your destination. This will help the driver to get the right way to go to your destination. After that, you just need to wait the driver and in minutes he will pick you up.

If you are wondering about the cost, you can get the estimation cost of your order. You can click the menu of “fare quote” to know the cost. You can know all the cost from your location to your destination. Then, you will see the cost that you need to pay after you arrive in your destination. By using uber, there are two ways to pay the cost. You can pay the driver with a cash money, or you are also able to pay them using your credit card. It will make you easy when you don’t bring a money you can still pay your order using a credit card. Uber tries to make it easy for the customers and so that they will feel comfortable to go anywhere.

download Official uber app from app microsoft store

Download uber app store as android apk using nox app player

Sometimes, Uber also has a promotion and Uber gives a discount for the customers. There are some codes that you can use to get the discount and this discount is offering to you by giving you money up to $7. So you can go anywhere using the discount and if you haven’t download this uber app, you must download Uber app for windows 10 and get all the ease.

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