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Imo download for windows 10

Imo download for windows 10 is the new app to do chatting and make a voice or video call. This is one of the simple messaging app that can be used on the desktop and your personal computer. Unlike another instant messaging, Imo is one of the best messaging that will give you many more great and incredible features. You can use Imo for your windows including windows 10. Imo has a similar function like any other instant messaging like WhatsApp, Skype, and Hangouts. However, Imo will serve you with a better and high quality video call and voice call with your internet connection. With Imo app on your computer device, you don’t need to open it from your browser. You can directly open it after you download and install the Imo app.imo download for windows 10 pc

Imo is a brand new app instant messaging because you can get a new experience of messaging with Imo. This is a simple app with a simple look for you who don’t want to get a complicated look of a messaging. Imo comes with a white and blue color with a logo of Imo itself. You can open this app in your browser and you will get your contact automatically from your phone contact. Imo will automatically import all your friends who use Imo. Imo has a minimalist look and there are many great features inside. Imo will not reduce your storage and spaces because it has a small size. So you don’t need to worry when you want to use Imo in your desktop. You can download Imo for free and you can enjoy all the great features and you can also enjoy in sending a text to your friend using Imo.

Imo download for windows 10 Features

Imo download for windows 10Imo has some incredible features that you can use to send and receive message from your friends. As your other instant messaging, Imo also has the feature of voice and video call. You can easily using Imo to make video call. The voice is clear and the video call is in a good quality. You are able to make a video call with your group of friends and enjoy the high quality video call. You can enjoy in having Imo download for windows 10. Another feature is the messaging feature with many kinds of animation and emoticon. Imo is the most creative and stunning instant messaging because it is different from any other app. You will get many cute emoticon and animations that you can download for free.

Another instant messenger will cost some money or even using coin if you want to get the premium emoticons and animations. However, by using Imo you can get it for free. There are a lot of animation and emoticons that you can download like animal, cartoon, and etc. another feature inside Imo is that you can tell your story to your friend. You can make an insta-story like using a picture, a video, or even drawing something by your own self. You can also make a live streaming story using Imo and share to your friend. This feature can only be found in Imo. Imo is one of the simple yet complete features inside Imo.

Well, you can use Imo to get in touch with your friend and you can also enjoy all the stunning animation to share your feeling. You can easily share emoticon, message, image, and video with your friend. Every instant messenger gives you the feature of sending text and images but Imo is different from any other messenger app. You can send an painting that you can create by your own self. You are also able to get Imo download for windows 10 and use it on your pc.

Download Imo from official windows store

Download imo using android emulator

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