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Mi Drop for PC Windows 10 Free Download

Maybe you have utilized Mi Drop for Windows 10 download a while now and now think how you can use it for your PC. Congratulations, because this is your lucky day because we will discuss it here. In this post, we will show you more about Mi Drop and how you can use it on Windows PC.

Since the onset of technology, many applications are used to share several files between mobile phones. There are different apps offered in the country that will allow you to share the files from your mobile or PC. One of the popular apps is the Mi Drop, allowing you to transfer files from PC to mobile phones.

Sharing of files is being done for you to have a backup. When you encounter, it cannot be done with your PC. There are some apps, which are only applicable to be transferred in the same device. Mi Drop is not like that, because this app can be connected to any devices.

Mi Drop is known as an application for file transfers, which was introduced by Xiaomi. This app undergoes different changes, and it has already received several upgrades. This is one of the popular apps when it comes to sharing of files, photos, or videos to other devices. This app will also help you with the sharing process through mobile to your PC or vice versa.

How to Download Mi Drop for PC

Mi Drop for windows 10 Download

Knowing the process of downloading will make your work easier. You can have this app in just one click without any interruption.

  • Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • After you installed it, open the Bluestacks application.
  • Then type MI Drop on the search tab then click Search
  • A different menu will appear on your screen that is the same with MI Drop.
  • Select the MI Drop Application and now click the download button.
  • Download Mi Drop might take some time. Mostly, it will depend on the speed of your online connection.
  • After downloading, it’s time for you to install

Little Info About Mi Drop App

Mi Drop feature

  • Last Updated                       ; May 14, 2019
  • Apk Size                                ; 4.8 MB
  • App Owned                          ; by Xiaomi Inc.
  • App Category                       ; Free Tools App
  • Support Android Version  ; Android 10 and above
  • App Package                         ; com.xiaomi.midrop


How to Install MI Drop for PC

  • Once the download is finished, open the MI Drop app and click the tab Install.
  • The installation will take several minutes to be installed on your device.
  • After the installation is done, you can now begin using your MI Drop
  • Application. You could see the Mi Drop app on Bluestacks’ MY Apps area.
  • And done! You can now take advantage of using Mi Drop for PC and transfer any file you wish to Android and any other devices immediately.

Features of Mi Drop for PC

Mi Drop for Windows 10 DownloadBelow are some of the amazing features of the Mi Drop for PC. But, remember that there are dozens of features of the app that aren’t listed here. We will list only the most relevant ones:

  • Ad-free application
  • Supports different languages
  • Send big files without any constriction
  • Resume interrupted transfers
  • The user interface is simple, allowing you to sort out every file to the category
  • User-friendly
  • The app can transfer file 200x faster than Bluetooth
  • You don’t need an online connection to transfer your file
  • The app enables transferring of all types of files from the app, document files, pictures, movies, music, and so much more to any devices!

Pros and Cons of Mi Drop for PC

Here are some of the pros and cons of using Mi Drop for PC:

  1. Easy to Download & Install – Different kinds of the app will allow you to transfer files from other devices, but not all of them can do it with PC. Mi Drop is one of your best choices because it is easy to download and install. This app will allow you also to transfer files from Android to your PC. There is no need for you to have any connector.
  2. Equipped with Cool Features – Mi Drop is also made of excellent features that you will surely love. You will not encounter any problem because it is fast and reliable. That’s why this app is one of the most popular in the country. Many users are satisfied with the services this app can provide on your PC.
  3. Fast Sharing – Sharing is faster and easier to use using Mi Drop. You will not find a problem in transferring your files, especially for your PC because it is able to share any files on your PC especially if you have an Android phone.
  4. Mi Drop is a simple, clean interface and user-friendly – Thru this, you are assured that files will be transferred quickly without encountering any interruption. The assurance that this app can provide to you is one of the reasons why users are satisfied with the quality that this app has.

The Cons of Mi drop– The only negative thing we can comment about this app is that the standard MUI based might not be preferred by all Mi or non-Redmi users. It doesn’t support iOS devices too. What’s more, the app does not support multiple sharing.

Alternative to Mi Drop for pc

If you are considering other apps aside from Mi Drop, here are some options for you:

  • ShareIt – ShareIt is accessible on a wide array of platforms like Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. It also has a dedicated app for Windows PC
  • File Pizza – This is an open-source app utilized to transfer a file through WebTorrent and WebRTC.
  • Send Anywhere – This is a cross-platform sharing app allowing you to share digital content P2P in real-time along with cloud storage.

FAQs On Mi Drop

Q) Is it available on iOS?

  • Ans – Currently, it is not. Mi Drop is only available on Android devices.

Q) Is sending files simple?

  • Ans – Yes. Mi Drop is the simplest and cleanest app. If you open the app, you have two choices – Receive and Send – waiting for you. You won’t have any distracting things on your screen.

Q) What types of files can I send?

  • Ans – You can send any types of file with Mi Drop. It could images, apps, videos, documents, music, and others.

Mi Drop is one of the perfect sharing apps that will allow you to transfer music, videos, photos, and other kinds of files from one device to another. This app will help you make things convenient and better.

Mi Drop will not fail you with your expectation because it is proven and tested to be one of the best choices. You will find lots of sharing app offered in the country, but you need to choose the right one. The money you are going to spend will be valuable when you have invested in the right product. We hope we provided you the right information you need about Mi Drop for Windows 10 download. Happy sharing!

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