Prisma App Download for Windows 10 Tutorial

prisma app for pc windows 10Prisma App Download for Windows 10 Tutorial

If you are looking for information about prisma app download for windows 10, you are in the right discussion. Before we jump into the installing steps for your Windows 10, let’s start with a brief introduction of Prisma app.
Prisma is a photo editing application creates by Alexey Moiseenkov, Oleg Poyaganov, Ilya Frolov, and Andrey Usoltsev. This app is developed by Prisma Labs, Inc. Only a week after it was launched on June 2016, this app gained public’s attention.

At its first appearance in public, Prisma offered a new photo editing experience. Differs from the other photo editing apps, prisma focuses on artlike effects.

One thing makes it popular among the other applications is Prisma turns your photos into artworks. It since this app is equipped with various filters which give artistic effects onto your photos. By using these effects, your photos can be turned into oil paintings, mossaics, comic pictures etc.

Is prisma app available for PC?

Basically, prisma is an application designed for mobile. At first, prisma is launched as an ios app for ios devices. But later, this app is also available for android.

Can I download prisma app for Windows 10?

Although prisma is only available for ios and android mobile, you can install this app on your PC. To install prisma app for your windows 10, you should follow the steps bellow:

  1. Get an android emulator
    The first thing you need before installing this app onto your Windows 10 is an android emulator. It since prisma is an application for android, so you have to make your PC supports android app first. What is android emulator?Android emulator is a software which once being installed, makes your computer able to install and run android apps. It means you can run your favorite android base apps or games on your PC! Nox app player is a free android emulator for PC. Moreover, this app player is compatible for Windows 10. It is a must to be had if you want to do Prisma app download for Windows 10. If you do not have it on your Windows 10, you can simply download it at androwinapp.com
  2. Click and follow the installation steps of nox app player.
  3. The next step is running Nox app player after being successfully installed on your Windows 10. Double click on its shortcut (usually, its shortcut is automatically appear on your desktop).
  4. Then, look for the apps search box.
  5. Clik on the search box, and type ‘Prisma’. Wait until the search result appears.
  6. Click on the icon of Prisma app. And then, clik install.
  7. Wait for the installation process is complete until you get the notification.
  8. The next step is double click on Prisma icon on your PC. And voila! You are already able to run this wonderful app on your PC.

After doing these steps, you are ready to use Prisma photo editing app on your PC. Isn’t it easy to do Prisma app download for windows 10? Now, try this app and have lots fun by being an artist. You will find a new editing experience by applying its various artistic filters onto your pictures!


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