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QuickPic for Windows 10 pc

quickpic for windows 10 pcQuickPic for Windows 10 pc

Taking pictures is becoming more and more popular activity along with the increasing use of social media where people love to share memorable moments. Some others share pictures because they want to show off their skill in photography. This phenomenon has caused a big demand in photo editing application. There are countless application to edit photos. One of them is QuickPic. Specially designed for smartphones, this app has receives a lot of positive responses from its users. If you want to have cool photo editing with this powerful app but you want to do it in your PC, QuickPic is what you need. QuickPic for Windows 10 pc is available by installing it using an android emulator. Before you install the app, let’s take a look on what you can do with this app.

QuickPic Overview

Smartphone users probably have been familiar with QuickPic application. This app aims to control your photos comfortably. Editing images with this app is very fast and easy. For sure, compared to the gallery that comes with smartphone, QuickPic offers much faster one. It also works for PC as well as for smartphones. QuickPic for PC on Windows 10 is ideal for those who cannot stand with the hustle of complicated image editing.

The simple steps to install QuickPic for PC will be explained later but first, take a look briefly at some great features that you can experience with this app.

Features of QuickPic

What are the main features that QuickPic for PC on Windows 10 offer? Like other photo editors, the basic editing features include trimming, resizing, zooming the images, adding filters, and sort of. What is special about this app is it can produce image in high quality so when the image is displayed in larger screen, such as in PC, it won’t look fuzzy. The ability in maintaining the quality of the images become the greatest feature it can offer. Not only can you edit images with this app, you can also work with some video files. It seems like QuickPic an all-in-one app that can do many things at once.

QuickPic is also a user-friendly application that ease the users and save their time in working with their photos. Besides, the size is not big at all. Does your PC have low resources? Don’t worry because this light application will not take much resource from your CPU.

QuickPic also helps you manage your photo collection so it will be well-organized. Images are saved arranged based on date they are created. This allows the users to find the pictures quickly. A protection code can be set up so other people cannot access your pictures. You can also send the pictures to any devices with no difficulty at all.
Last but not least, QuickPic is totally free. You do not need to spend money at all. What is better than that?

Downloading and Installing QuickPic for Windows 10 pc

It is fairly easy to run QuickPic for Windows 10 pc. You just need Nox App Player as the android emulator. Run the emulator. There are two ways to install QuickPic for Windows 10 pc. First, you can find the app in Google Play Store. Make sure you have Google account and can sign in with that. If you don’t have the account, the alternative way is to find the QuickPic APK file using google search. Go back to Nox App Player and press the install button to begin the installation. After these few simple steps, check the QuickPic gallery on your PC and you are ready to edit your photo. The other good news is the photos can be displayed in HD slideshow.

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