Selfissimo App Download for PC on Windows 10 Tutorial

selfissimo for pcSelfissimo App Download for PC on Windows 10 Tutorial

If you are curious about Selfissimo! app download for PC on Windows 10, it means you have an interest toward this app. No wonder, since Selfissimo! is one of three appsperiments launched by Google. The other two are : Storyboard and Scrubbies.

What is Selfissimo?

Selfissimo! is a photography application inspired by Google’s Motion Still app. As it name tells us, Selfissimo! is a perfect selfie camera for the selfie lovers.

Perfect Combination of Photography and Technology

May be the best way to describe Selfissimo! is by describing it as your personal photo booth app. Not only offers a fun selfie experience, this app also supported by fantastic technology powered by Google.

Selfissimo! takes your selfies as black and white photos. What makes it fun is you can feel like a supermodel in a photo shoot session. You can simply tap the screen to start doing selfie. The camera is equipped with motion sensitivity, which makes it able to snap every pose when you stop moving. This app will snap all poses you make until you tap the screen to stop it. After selfie, a photosheet will apear and you can choose one, several or all of them to be saved. You also can share the selfie photos onto your media social apps.

In addition, this selfie app is designed to give compliments during your selfie time. Once in a while, compliments such as “Fantastics!” or “Magnificent!” will appear on the screen. It motivates you to take more selfies with different poses!

Can I Install Selfissimo! app on my PC with Windows 10 OS ?

Basically, Selfissimo! is created as a mobile app. It can be installed on iOS and android mobile phones. Still, it is not impossible to have this fantastic selfie app download for PC on Windows 10. Fortunately, you can run Selfissimo! app just as easy as use it on a mobile phone. All you have to do is doing the following steps :

  1. Make Sure Your PC has Android Emulator
    What is android emulator? It is a software which has to be installed if you want to run any android apps on your PC. In short, this app makes your PC support android apps.
    One of the recommended android emulator is Nox App Player. It is a free emulator, and compatible with your Windows 10 operating system. If you do not have it on your PC, feel free to download it on noxappplayer download for windows 10.
  2. Install Nox App Player on your PC. Follow the installation process. Do not miss any step.
  3. Run the Nox App Player
    After the Nox App Player has been successfuly installed, (usually) its shortcut will appear on your PC desktop. Double click the icon.
  4. Look for Selfissimo! App
    Now, look for apps searching box. After you find it, type “Selfissimo”, then wait for the search result.
  5. Download and Install Selfissimo! on your Windows 10
    After the results appear, click on Selfissimo icon and start to instal. Then, wait until you the instalation process is finished.
  6. Run Selfissimo! App. Double click the shortcut (Selfissimo! icon) on your desktop, and start to take selfies.

It is not difficult to do Selfissimo App download on PC for Windows 10, right? You just need an android emulator such as Nox app player on your PC. Then, follow the steps described above. By having such fantastic selfie app on your PC, you will have a new fun activity while using your camputer. Be ready for getting a selfie experience with photo booth-like selfie using Selfissimo! app. Now, you can try this popular selfie app and become one of selfie addict! Have fun and have a lot, even tons, of selfies!


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