Xender for Windows 10 PC

xender for windows pcXender for Windows 10 PC

Have you transfer the data such as documents, pictures, music, or application to your personal computer? Do you find the difficulties when you do this activity? Or, are you waiting for a long time while you transferring that data? Maybe, there are many people has experience this problem. They use Bluetooth or USB and got many problems.
Several people experience the error when transfer the data from android to android or android to personal computer. Virus and the time that is caused of the problem made some people disappointed. Today, that problem can be solved by an application that can help you to transfer the data faster.

Transfer the Data Using Xender for Windows 10 PC

Xender is one of many applications that make windows user easy to transfer the data through WiFi from android to personal computer or android to the android and windows phone. The application of Xender is developed by AnMobi inc in China. It can be applied in two system, that are android or iPhone. It makes the user transfer any kind of the data such as picture from android, application, music, video, documents and other as fast as possible than Bluetooth.

It is happened because the Xender application creates its own hotspot in order to send and receive any data. The other tools are able to connect that hotspot easily. It is very appropriate to the data that have high size. When you are using the Xender application to transfer the data, it is better for you to make your mobile data in off mode in order to save it.

Free Download Xender on Windows 10 PC

To use Xender application on your windows 10 PC is easy. Just download and install the Xender application on your android in the Google Play Store. Then, click the red icon (transfer) that is located at the right corner in the down of your android. After that, you have to choose PC/MAC.

After you do that activity, choose the menu of Create Hotspot. In this step you have to wait until the IP address is appeared and waiting for the hotspot name that made automatically by the Xender. Usually, the first name of the hotspot is begin with Xender_ and then, on your windows 10 PC, click the wireless icon and connect it to the hotspot. After you success in connecting the hotspot, you have to open the web and type the IP address.

You can transfer the data like pictures, videos, music and many more from your mobile phone to the computer by choosing the gallery icon and then select the data that you want to transfer. To download the data from PC you can choose the icon download.

It is different when you are going to transfer the data from you mobile phone or android. It is because you have to make sure that your android is already installs the application of the Xender. Click SEND to sending the data, and for the receiver have to click the RECEIVE. This application will detect the phone that activated the Xender. To connect both of phone, click the name of the Xender hotspot.

After the both phone is connected, the next step is choosing the file that will be sent like application or music, then select the word SEND and you have to wait for a moment after the transfer of the file is success.

The application of Xender is very recommended for you to send and receive the file. It is because the Xender application is very fast in transferring your data. Besides, the process in installing the Xender application are easy and free for every user of windows 10 PC. So, what are you waiting for? Install it and feel its benefits!


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